Caramel Apple Dumplings Recipe

Caramel Apple Dumplings Recipe

For thanksgiving best recipe is Caramel Apple Dumplings.Apple Dumplings are very tasty and delicious with caramel sauce.And This is best way to eat an apple,easy to fill kids tummy.These sweet apple dumplings are the perfect fall treat.This easy and quick recipe.Apple dumplings are made with Apples wrapped in a homemade dough and baked in a cinnamon sugar syrup. 

Apple Dumplings foodbheem
Apple Dumplings

How to make Apple Dumplings:

Preparation Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 50 mins
Total Time: 65 mins
Serves: 4 to 5 Dumplings
Cuisine: American
Course:Frozen treats,Savoury,Desserts
Category: Vegetarian Recipe
Level of cooking: Easy
Taste: Sweet Crisp



1 sheet frozen puff pastry
4 medium cooking apples
4 tbsps brown sugar or 4 tbsps Splenda brown sugar blend
2 tbsps unsalted butter or 2 tbsps margarine
one tbsp cinnamon Powder 
A large egg, lightly beaten
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp sugar or 1 tbsp Splenda sugar substitute
1⁄4 tbsp lemon juice,(for apples in case they start to turn brown it will help)


1⁄2 cup prepared caramel ice cream topping
1⁄3 cup toasted chopped pecan halves
1 cup packed brown sugar
Cool Whip (optional)
vanilla ice cream

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Rolling pin
Measuring cups
Sharp knife
Baking sheet
Parchment or baking mat
Baking tray


Thaw and unfold puff pastry (or refer puff pastry dough recipe).On lightly floured surface, roll the pastry into a 7″ square shape.Cut with a knife into 4 equal pieces. Peel and core apples.Trim the bottoms so the apples sit flat.


Place 1 apple in the center of each square.Use 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice if apples start to turn brown.Mix together the brown sugar or brown-sugar splenda, 1 tbsp of butter or margarine and cinnamon.Bring up corners of pastry to center.pinch edges to seal. Beat remaining egg; brush over pastry. Place in a greased baking dish. Bake at 350° F for 15 minutes.Brush them with remaining egg mixture, sprinkle with granulated sugar or splenda.

Making caramel sauce:

In a large saucepan, combine the sauce ingredients. Bring to a boil.cook and stir until smooth and blended. Pour over apples. Bake 35-40 minutes longer or until apples are tender and pastry is golden brown.
Arrange Caramel Apple Dumplings on a serving dish, drizzle with caramel sauce, then sprinkle powdered sugar over the top.Serve warm. And garnish with Ice cream or cool Whip choice if you like.

Nutrition Values And Calories of  Apple Dumplings:

Nutrition Values And Calories of  Apple Dumplings foodbheem
Nutrition Values And Calories of  Apple Dumplings


Use 2 sheets for increase the serving capacity and make more dumplings.


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